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I love to use this site to give exposure to bands from the period that are not already well-known, or to bring new information to light about some of the moderately well-known bands from the period. You can help this site by providing information or material that will help me to create pages for bands not currently covered, or to add additional content to existing pages.

Generally, I am looking for things that are not widely available on the web already. I try to provide content on this site that is not already duplicated elsewhere. You may have old fanzines, issues of Sounds or other music papers, or other stuff that isn't out there on the web already. Even if it is in rough shape, I can usually work with it in Photoshop or Gimp to clean it up considerably.

I am looking for the following:

  • Scans of UK punk fanzines 1980-1984.
  • Stalag 17 (from Belfast): photos, lyrics to "Doomsday Device", "Society's Fairytale", and "Party Talk"
  • Impact: photos, lyrics
  • Skroteez: lyrics (including the rest of 'Newtown'), photos
  • The Enemy: photos, lyrics to "Punks Alive" and "50,000 Dead"
  • Violators: photos and interviews
  • Expelled: photos, lyrics, and interviews
  • Dead Man's Shadow: lyrics, photos
  • Xtract: photos, interviews/articles
  • Undead (from Bristol): photos, lyrics, interviews/articles
  • Potential Threat: lyrics
  • Dead Wretched: lyrics, photos
  • Pseudo Sadists: lyrics, photos

Also, any photos, lyrics, artwork, interviews, or articles on these bands:

  • Protest
  • On Parole (from Livingston)
  • Rough Justice
  • Society's Rejects (from Cardiff, recorded on Oi! Records): any info at all. photos would be great
  • Criminal Justice (from Huddersfield): Anything besides the video on youtube or the info on their myspace

  • Vicious Hamsters: Anything besides the article in Blown to Bits #1.
  • Septic Psychos
  • Secluded
  • Classified Protest
  • Crash
  • The Law
  • Paranoia
  • Abnormal (from Bridgend, recorded on Oi! Records)

I am also interested in any personal accounts of people who saw any of these bands (or the other bands on this site) 1980-1985, or if you were in a UK punk band at that time. I'm thinking about adding a section to the site on this, but at the very least, it could be helpful in piecing together some information on some of the bands on this site. Photos you may have taken of bands, or interesting photos from the UK punk scene at that time, would also be welcome.

If you can help, please contact me via the contact page. Thanks.