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From Cwmbran, Wales.


(from Guilty Without Trial #1)

Mark: When and why did you form?

Impact: Well we have been going now for about 2 to 2 1/2 years. The reason that we formed was that Cumbran did not have one punk band in our area, so we decided to get up and do something about it, and now alot of bands have gave audiences a chance to see them. We now know alot of bands as friends and don't have to travel miles to see them.

Mark: What is the line-up? Have there been any changes?

Impact: Paul (vocals), Sid (drums), Marais (bass), Tony (guitar). Yes, probably like alot of punk bands, we have had changes in line-ups. For instance, Biu, our other guitarist, left about 9 months ago, so we are now a 4-piece.

Mark: What records have you released? How have they sold?

Impact: Well, apart from the track on the "Country Fit for Heroes 2" compilation, we only have our EP which is our first single. We don't know how many it has sold, exactly, but it is still selling even now in March.

Mark: How did you get on "Country Fit for Heroes"? How much did you get paid?

Impact: Well, all we did was send them a tape, and we were lucky to be chosen to have a track put on there. As for getting paid, well we have had a bit of money back from them for publishing royalties. Now we're just waiting for record sales royalties.

Mark: Do you sell your records at gigs, to friends, etc, or is it distributed to record shops?

Impact: Yes, it is a very good idea to sell your record at gigs, cos if people like you live, then the record is something to remember you by. We had the cartel distribute our EP for us, but we still had people coming up to us at gigs saying they couldn't get the record anywhere, so I used the cheapest form of advertising and let everyone know that if they wanted the EP, it was available from me.

Mark: What are your record plans?

Impact: Well, after paying for a record to be pressed yourself, I think a bands ambition then is to attract attention from a record company.

Mark: How many gigs have you done? Who with? Which was your best?

Impact: I don't know exactly how many gigs we've done, but mainly we have played locally around Wales. We have done a few gigs out of Wales, them being at Burton-on-Trent with Abhor, Leicester with Abhor, and we have also played a couple of gigs in London at the 100 Club with the Varukers, and DOA from Canada. The best gig was when we played with the Oppressed plus Peter and the Test Tube Babies at Cardiff. Top Rank. It was fantastic. We must have played to about 900-1100 then.

Mark: What is the punk scene line in Wales, compared to England?

Impact: Well to be honest, I can't compare on what the punk scene is like in England to Wales, because if it is like in Wales, it is mostly local bands putting on gigs for themselves. But I know that alot of bands who advertise to do exchange gigs throughout the UK are getting to experience scenes up and down the country.

Mark: What do you think of other Welsh bands, i.e. Icons of Filth, No Choice, Oppressed, etc?

Impact: They are all good bands, musically and socially. They, too, are putting on gigs for the locals and attracting bands from all over.

Mark: Have you got any tapes for sale?

Impact: No, no tapes for sale, I'm afraid, but we do have some copies of our EP, "Punk Christmas", available from us for 1 pound.

Mark: What are your fave bands?

Impact: It would not be fair to give favouritism to any one band. We like alot, really. Somebody said, though, that we are influenced by Crass, Discharge, Infa-Riot, and early Anti-Pasti.

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