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(from Have a Good Laugh #7)

External Menace first came to my attention about a year ago at a "Beat the System" gig and Dingwalls. Since then, they've appeared on "Wet Dreams" compilation with "Stormtrooper" and arrived at a new line-up of Sneddy (vocals/guitar), Sanz (bass), and Drew (drums).

HAGL: What do you think of the current punk scene?

Sneddy: Everybody in the van is asking if there is one. Well, I like DOA and very few others.

HAGL: What are your favorite bands?

Sneddy: My favourite bands are Ramones, Clash, and Dead Boys

HAGL: What would you say is your best song?

Sneddy: Best song just now is "On a Mission" although we like all of them.

HAGL: What do you think of fanzines?

Sneddy: I think fanzines are a great way for the punk movement to communicate.

HAGL: Were you pleased with the 2 EPs, saleswise?

Sneddy: We are really pleased with the 2 EPs saleswise, cos we got letters from all over Britain and Europe. I suppose if "Beat the System" gave us more publicity, they would have sold more.

HAGL: How did you get the record deal with 'Beat the System'?

Sneddy: Our mate Bill Grupy took a couple of our tapes round to Barry Lights and he signed us up.

HAGL: Why did the band leave B.T.S.?

Sneddy: We left Beat the System because Barry Lights ripped us off and he fucked off to Canada.

HAGL: How many gigs have you done, and what was the best?

Sneddy: Since the band formed in 1978, we have done roughly 100 gigs. The best were at Blackpool Tavern with the Fits, and Glasgow with the Test Tube Babies.

HAGL: What do you think of bands like Crass, Flux, Dirt, etc?

Sneddy: I think Crass, Flux, and Dirt are all good at what they are doing.

HAGL: Did you like the Newcastle gig, and would you play there again?

Sneddy: The Newcastle gig was great, and we will be playing there when we go on tour at the summer (if we can find a place to play).

HAGL: Do you find it hard to get gigs?

Sneddy: It's awkward getting decent gigs, as we ain't got a manager. The gigs we get always come in batches.

HAGL: Who writes the bands music?

Sneddy: Sneddy writes all the bands music.

HAGL: Anything you would like to say?

Sneddy: Thanx to everyone who bought our records, and come to see us. Our next single will be the best, yet.

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