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'Don't Vote'

Systems are fatal
There's no two ways
Once you vote for a government
You number your days

Don't believe a word
Any government says
Once they've got their power
Its you that pays

Don't vote for government
Every party's just the same
Once the control parliament
The pleasure turns to pain

They'll do anything for power
Definitely lie
To protect their power
They're clever and sly

For an abundance
Of wealth until they die
And with that power
Their limit's the sky

Don't vote Conservative
I've heard them all complain
And what about Labour?
Do you want them again?

Liberal ain't much better
They offer the same
Vote for any party
And you're to blame

Ignore their fancy smiles
And their stiff upper lip
Once the camera turns away
You'll see the smile slip

Once the bastards get their power
Things won't change a bit
It won't be equal wealth and handouts
Just a load of shit


First they got their bows and arrows
Now they've got their bombs
Say goodbye to your tomorrows
Something evil this way comes

They're not content with stalemate
Or allowing life to flower
They've got to threaten foreign states
And strive to boost their power

We've got to stop their dangerous plans
They shouldn't be allowed
We've got to stop the schemes in hand
They've got to be put down

Scattered bodies lying down
Welded to a slug
Dark red puddles on the ground
Blending to the mud

Leaders watch with grinning faces
The enemy turn round
Retreating to their back up places
Try to hold their ground

Panic grips the losing side
The enemy's too strong
There's just one thing they haven't tried
They've got to use their bomb

Press the button, fire one
Regain the ground they've lost
Don't stop to think of what they've done
Don't stop to count the cost

As they calculate the dying reds
They hear a frightened cry
There's foreign bombs above their heads
The world begins to die

They've played their hands, but look for more
They find there's nothing left
They've had their fucking stupid war
They've given birth to death

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