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'Dying Man'

Bewildered and amazed he staggers around
The empty streets day and night
He hides away so he won't be found
In a doorway out of sight

He's a dying man, but he doesn't realise
He thinks what they say is just a pack of lies

He blames no one but himself
For the terrible state that he became
Alot of damage was done to his health
But he thought that he remained the same

He promises and promises he'll pack it in
It might last for a day or two
He trys the beer and then the gin
But he's soon back on his glue

They could have helped but it's too late
They loved him too much to try
His life now is up to fate
But they all think he will die


What would you do if you were one of them
Unable to tell friends about your problem
Would you bottle up inside all your fears
Go on suffering through out your years

This is no mental disorder
This is no horrid disease
This is no terrible error
This is just the way people feel

Your love letters, you hide them away
Afraid your mom and dad will find them one day
What would your parents do if they found out
You're afraid they'd disown you and chuck you out

You have to meet in discreet places
Away from all recognizable faces
Why can't they accept humans like these
Instead they pass them off as an awful disease

You get beaten up as if it's something you're owed
For looking like a female when you walk down the road
You can't hide your feelings, it wouldn't be real
Why can't they understand the way you feel?


V/A "WESSEX 82" 7" EP

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