This site, created in 1998, provides photos, lyrics, discographies, and other information on the UK punk rock bands that existed from 1980-1984. This site popularized the term "UK82" (taken from an Exploited song), but was never meant to define a genre. Bands of this period did not consider themselves to be "UK82" - they were simply the punk rock bands of this time and place, who happened to play punk rock music that was raw, simple, and pure. (So, basically, its a term that's been retro-actively applied to those bands.)

This site does not include all bands from that era, not through deliberate omission, but due to a lack of content (and time to format and post it). The site admin doesn't intend this to be an exhaustive catalog of all of these bands. This site was created simply a "fan site".

The site was originally hosted on Geocities, and the current domain name was registered a bit later.

You can contact the site admin via this shitty contact form.


January 19, 2020:

I'm going to depart from the usual kind of stuff I post here, for a moment. Its not as if I have updated this site in years, anyway.

There's so much stuff available online, these days, about all of these bands, that it isn't necessary for this site to try to be a comprehensive document of everything. I stopped trying to do that a long time ago. Over the years, I have occassionally added something to the site if I got content about a band that wasn't available elsewhere, usually directly from a member of that band. (i.e. the Last Rites content from Paul "Harvey" McGurn, and The Deceased content from Rob Podmore.) But, that's about the only kind of additions I am interested in doing.

Even though I don't update the site hardly ever, anymore, and there's lots of stuff out there on the web these days that makes this site redundant, I am committed to keeping it online for years to come. This site has been a pathway for many people to discover some of the less-well-known punk bands that I love, and as long as it continues to do that, I'll keep it running.

That being said, keeping this site online costs a bit. I've got web hosting charges, domain name registration fees, and occassionally some other expense. Nothing I can't afford, but the site is now going to have a "sponsor" link at the bottom of the right navigation.

That sponsor is my new band, The Usurpers. We've just released an album I'm kind of proud of, and if you like the bands on here, you might like this band.

That doesn't mean my band is paying me for this "sponsorship" arrangement. But after paying to run this site for over 20 years, I think maybe I'll take advantage of the opportunity to maybe plug one of my own projects, for the first time. I hope you don't mind!





band photo: public disgrace

demolition blues photo